• Engineering Solutions that Make the Difference

    CoreLite has been at the forefront of innovation, with customized core material solutions that help you be more competitive.

Engineering customized core materials for your specific needs

We believe that with the right core material solutions, our customers can become more competitive. We achieve this by working with our customer on a holistic, hands-on approach in which we study the customer's particular application and project requirements. Then, we recommend the most suitable core material with the most optimal finishing option.

Choosing the right core material and finishing option is an essential component of each project, and will make you more competitive. CoreLite's team here is to assist you throughout the entire material evaluation process. Being able to offer a wide variety of core materials, densities and finishing options provides you with a great deal of versatility.

At CoreLite, we are ready to assist you beforeduring and after your projects. You will gain more competitive advantage and attain better end results.

How our engineering can help you be more competitive

Minimize Resin Absorption

With the new BALSASUD Core PC11 Pro Coated balsa line, the resin uptake can be reduced up to 76% when compared to uncoated balsa core. This represents tremendous savings, making your part lighter and saving you resin cost.

Reduce Weight & Cost

We have engineered advanced core materials that when incorporated into a sandwich structure can significantly reduce the weight of the composite part, save you money in the process and increase payload of the structure.

Greener World

At CoreLite, we focus on manufacturing core materials that will make the difference in our customers' applications. However, we also focus in making sure that we produce them in a sustainable manner and taking care of the communities.


BALSASUD Core Coating Comparison