CoreLite PVC

Cross-linked PVC Foam Core

CoreLite PVC is a universal closed-cell, cross-linked polymer PVC foam formulated for durability, strength, and high processing temperatures. It is compatible with multiple resins and adhesives.
CoreLite PVC is approved by DNV GL.

It has a very low water absorption rate and excellent chemical resistance. Ideal for high-performance, lightweight composite applications.

CoreLite PVC is available in a wide variety of densities and finishing options.

CoreLite PVC HT is a high temperature (HT) foam core for specialty applications that require high processing temperatures.

CoreLite PVC F is an impact-resistant foam, engineered for toughness and with excellent shear elongation properties. CoreLite PVC F is approved by DNV GL.

Rigidity. Stiffness. Durability.


Minimal water absorption

Very Lightweight

Self Extinguishing

High Performance

Compatible with most resins


CoreLite PVC Data Sheet
CoreLite PVC HT Data Sheet
CoreLite PVC F Data Sheet
CoreLite PVC SDS
Sheets per Box
Core Materials Finishing Guide
Core Materials Processing Guide

CoreLite PVC Specifications

DimensionsImperial Metric
Density2.5 to 15.7 Lbs/ft³40 to 250 Kg/m³ 
 WidthSee data sheetSee data sheet
 LengthSee data sheet
See data sheet
 Thickness from 1/8" to 3" from 3 to 76.2mm



  • Adhesive Boding
  • Pre-preg (up to 140°C or 285°F)
  • Contact Molding (hand/spray)
  • Compression Molding (GMT, SMC)
  • Resin Infusion / injection (VARTM / RTM)

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