• Lighter, More Efficient, More Powerful

    This is how we view the future of the automotive industry. Making vehicles go faster without sacrificing strength.
  • Unlimited Potential with Longer Range

Performance. This is the future of Automotive.

CoreLite Automotive is a products line specifically engineered to satisfy the needs of the Automotive industry, including busses, trucks, sport cars and more. By using a lightweight core material in a sandwich structure, automotive manufacturers can shave off significant weight of their vehicles. Making these vehicles more efficient, more powerful and increasing payload in the process.

Carefully designed to best fit the following automotive applications and more:

  • Primary body structure
  • Interior structure
  • Sidewalls
  • Floors

  • Roof
  • Front
  • Engine covers
  • Panel structures

Discover the Core Material solutions:

  • BALSASUD Core is ideal for durability while reducing overall cost. Delivering the highest compressive and shear properties. Ideal to withstand heavy impacts and carry dynamic loads. Great FST properties.

  • CoreLite PVC is a cross-linked PVC Foam core with outstanding strength-to-weight ratios, ideal for the lightweight automotive parts.
  • CoreLite PET is a next-generation PET Foam core with good mechanical properties.
  • CoreLite Board is 27% lighter than plywood. Saving you weight and delivering excellent screw retention.