• Advanced Foam & Balsa Core Materials

    Engineered for high performance applications with sustainability in mind.
    CoreLite offers a wide range of core materials for a variety of industries

4 High Performance Core Materials

Advanced foam & balsa core materials for high performance applications that demand excellent strength-to-weight ratios, sustainability, cost savings and versatility.

Core Materials for 12+ Industries

Used in a variety of applications, across over a dozen industries. At CoreLite, we strive to deliver core material solutions to solve the most complex engineering challenges.

300+ Users of CoreLite Products

Today, over 300 customers around the world trust in CoreLite products to build the most demanding composite structures.

• Outstanding strength-to-weight ratios

• High chemical resistance (including styrene)

• Excellent bonding properties

• Sustainable and renewable resource

• Available in 4 densities: UL, SG, WG and HW

• BALSASUD Core SG is approved by DNV GL and Lloyd's Register.

High Density Board

• Cost effective high density foam board

• High stiffness and flexural strength

• Phenomenal screw retention

• Weatherproof; not rot, mold or mildew

• Compatible with multiple resin & adhesives

• 27% lighter than plywood

PVC Foam Core

• Closed-cell, cross-linked PVC foam

• High chemical resistance (including styrene)

• Good bonding properties

• Minimal water absorption

• Available in 8 densities

• Self extinguishing

PET Foam Core

• Cost effective, closed-cell PET foam

• 100% recyclable polymer foam

• Replacement for PVC and Honeycomb

• Minimal water absorption

• Compatible with multiple resin & adhesives

• Processing temperatures up to 150 °C (302 °F)