• Helping Aircraft Spend More Time Flying

    We understand the demanding requirements of the Aerospace industry.

High Responsive Solutions when Needed Most

CoreLite Aerospace is a products line specifically engineered to satisfy the demanding requirements of the Aerospace industry, including large and light aircraft and aircraft containers. By using a lightweight core material with excellent FST properties in a sandwich structure, the composite part will save significant weight. Delivering a better finished composite part that will also have a lower maintenance cost.

Carefully designed to best fit the following applications and more:

  • Aircraft structures
  • Floor panels
  • Structural panels

  • Interior partitions
  • Air cargo containers
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle structures

Discover the Core Material solutions:

  • BALSASUD Core is ideal for durability while reducing overall cost. Delivering the highest compressive and shear properties. Ideal to withstand heavy impacts and carry dynamic loads. Great FST properties.

  • CoreLite PVC is a cross-linked PVC Foam core with outstanding strength-to-weight ratios, ideal for the lightweight rail parts.
  • CoreLite PET is a next-generation PET Foam core with good mechanical and FST properties.
  • CoreLite Board is 27% lighter than plywood. Saving you weight and delivering excellent screw retention.