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BALSASUD Core: End Grain Balsa Core
End Grain Balsa Core

End Grain Balsa Core Advantages:

• Outstanding strength-to-weight ratios

• High chemical resistance (including styrene)

• Excellent bonding properties

• Sustainable and renewable resource

• Available in 3 densities: UL, SG and HW

• BALSASUD Core SG is approved by DNV GL and Lloyd's Register.

CoreLite Board
CoreLite PET
CoreLite PVC

Experience how CoreLite is driving composite technologies with its core materials:



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About Us

CoreLite was founded because of an idea: that innovative core materials will optimize the way everyone currently works with composites. Our target is to revolutionize the effectiveness of composite materials in current and new applications.



CoreLite manufactures revolutionary core materials for various applications. Our Balsa Wood, PET Foam, PVC Foam and Foam Boards have been engineered to increase performance and help our customers gain more competitive advantage.


Our Quality

We deliver the best quality in the market. Driven by innovation to mark a difference by providing a truly remarkable product. Our promise of service demonstrates our loyalty to our customers and our way to provide continuous product support.

CoreLite drives the world of composite technologies with advanced end-grain balsa, PVC foam board, PET foam and PVC foam core material solutions. CoreLite provides you with more competitive advantage and better end results. The kits are engineered to be extremely precise and assembled quickly at a lower cost. Complete vertical integration enables us to do just-in-time delivery for you with the highest quality, since 1939.