• Solving engineering challenges that make the difference

    We developed unique solutions to:
    • Minimize Resin Uptake
    • Reduce weight & cost
    • Make the world a greener place
  • Advanced Core Materials

    Light, Strong, Powerful

    Driven by innovation,

    inspired by possibilities,

    powered by nature,

    built for you,

    we are proud to make the most sustainable core material on earth.

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About Us

CoreLite is a family-owned, global manufacturer of advanced foam & balsa core materials with decades of experience. We are the partner you can trust for your most complex composite projects.

Innovative Core Materials

Advanced Foam & Balsa core materials that have been engineered to deliver the ultimate performance. Making structures lighter, stronger and more powerful.

Global Presence

CoreLite has 4 manufacturing facilities across the globe. You can now find CoreLite products in 40+ countries through your local distributor

Core Materials for Ultimate Performance

At CoreLite, we are ready to assist you before, during and after your projects.

Experience how CoreLite is driving the future of composite technologies with the finest foam & balsa core materials available. You will gain more competitive advantage and attain better end results.

End Grain Balsa Core

• Outstanding strength-to-weight ratios

• High chemical resistance (including styrene)

• Excellent bonding properties

• Sustainable and renewable resource

• Available in 4 densities

• Approved by DNV GL and Lloyd's Register.

High Density Board

• Cost effective high density foam board

• High stiffness and flexural strength

• Phenomenal screw retention

• Weatherproof; not rot, mold or mildew

• Compatible with multiple resin & adhesives

• 27% lighter than plywood

PVC Foam Core

• Closed-cell, cross-linked PVC foam

• High chemical resistance (including styrene)

• Great bonding properties

• Minimal water absorption

• Available in 8 densities

• Self extinguishing

PET Foam Core

• Cost effective, closed-cell PET foam

• 100% recyclable polymer foam

• Replacement for Honeycomb

• Minimal water absorption

• Compatible with multiple resin & adhesives

• Processing temperatures up to 150 °C (302 °F)