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CoreLite’s concept is simple:

From plantation.. to kit.. to you, delivered fast.

Sample Balsa Kit for Wind Turbine Blades

CoreLite Kits

At CoreLite, we are inspired by possibilities. And with the latest kit cutting technologies, we precisely cut-to-shape virtually any core material. Our lean manufacturing techniques allow us to optimize the design and obtain a higher yield for your core kit and deliver it much faster.

CoreLite engineering works closely with you on a holistic approach to ensure that all your requirements are met, from core material finishing options, to efficient kit assembly.

Processing your kits in the same facility the core materials are manufactured will save you significant freight costs. Combined with our convenient locations in Florida and Texas, we are able to provide incredible agile turnarounds for you.

In order for us to server you better, we use the latest CAD and 3D modeling software. We accurately design your kits from balsa and foam cores in a very cost-effective manner.

CoreLite Kitting Process

  • Fast Response, Flexible Manufacturing, Kit Optimization
  • Our process allows us to customize sheet sizes
  • Evaluate each design for optimization, generating a return on investment
  • Production lines designed for uninterrupted flow and minimum amount of WIP
  • Improved precision within the industry
  • Lower manufacturing costs

CoreLite Kitting Capabilities

CNC Routing

 CAD and 3D Modeling

Edge treatment, Relieving V notch and Bevels

Special processing to meet specific needs

*If you have any additional request not mentioned here, please ask us. We will gladly work on your request.