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Balsa wood has been around in the composites industry for several decades. It is used in a variety of applications and industries, including wind turbine blades, boat building, rail, aerospace, automotive, as well as several other industrial applications.

With such a versatile material, what are the ...
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CoreLite proudly announces that its CoreLite Board product has been awarded the distinguished Certificate of Material Excellence by Material ConneXion.

This certification recognizes that CoreLite Board was voted and accepted into Material ConneXion's permanent collection by a team of world-class mate...
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How do Structures Carry Loads?
Even though we may often forget or take for granted what is really going on when we add weight to a structure, what happens to the molecular and nanoscale level is amazing! How solid materials behave in structures to support loads will surprise you.

Basically, the best way to look at solids is to see...
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