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BALSASUD Core Coated CoreLite will unveil the next-generation PC11 Pro coating system at the JEC World 2018 in Paris during March 6 to March 8. The PC11 Pro coating system was engineered to significantly reduce resin uptake during the lamination process by sealing the pores in the end-grain bal...
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CoreLite, Inc., Miami, FL, announced the introduction of BALSASUD PC11, a new balsa core product with a proprietary surface coating engineered for resin infusion, vacuum bagging, pre-pregs, and wet layup.

The proprietary polymer coating, under development for over a year, reduces resin absorptio...

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6 Steps to Test a New Adhesive on Core Materials

In the composites the world, almost all of us use some sort of adhesive or resin in our manufacturing process. Due to this, there is a huge variety of adhesive/resin options available to us.

When desiring to use a different adhesive product on core materials, it is very important to do proper te...

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