CoreLite Unveils Next-Generation PC11 Pro Coating for BALSASUD® Core

02.03.18 08:11 AM By gdc-corelite

BALSASUD Core Coated CoreLite will unveil the next-generation PC11 Pro coating system at the JEC World 2018 in Paris during March 6 to March 8. The PC11 Pro coating system was engineered to significantly reduce resin uptake during the lamination process by sealing the pores in the end-grain balsa wood sheet more effectively than the standard PC11 coating system.

Balsa core resin uptake was compared between the standard PC11 formulation, and the newly developed PC11 Pro formulation against non-coated balsa. The balsa core was coated using the latest UV technology and then vacuum infused. The results show as expected: the new PC11 Pro formulation achieves significantly lower resin uptake compared to the standard PC11 coating formulation. 

A typical balsa sheet of non-coated balsa wood core will absorb roughly 1900 grams of resin per square meter (177 grams of resin per square foot) during infusion. The standard PC11 formulation was able to reduce the resin uptake by up to 46% to 1020 grams per square meter (95 grams per square foot) of resin uptake. The new PC11 Pro formulation is completely revolutionary as it reduces resin uptake by up to 76% to only 450 grams per square meter (42 grams of resin per square foot).

BALSASUD Core Coated
After several months of Research & Development, we are glad to release the most advanced coating technology for balsa wood core in the market, which can provide incredible resin cost savings to our customers and significantly decrease the weight of the final composite structure” said Ms. Elsa Axelsdottir, Innovation Manager at CoreLite.

This new coating solution will be a key component to make structures lighter and more cost effective without losing the unique mechanical properties of balsa core. It can be used in wind, marine, rail, automotive, aerospace, defense and industrial applications. And can be used with different lamination processes including hand lay-up, vacuum bagging and infusion.

About CoreLite
CoreLite is a manufacturer of advanced balsa & foam core materials for high performance composites applications. CoreLite specializes in producing sustainable materials and delivering customized composite solutions with agile turnarounds. 

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