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Innovation. Excellence. Effectiveness. Service. Sustainability.

Understanding the different needs of our clients in the different industries is key to their success and our success. This motivation helped us reinvent core materials and kit cutting to enhance performance.

CoreLite, pioneering the world of composites, has been able to develop composite materials targeted to the client's particular need. This way, we continue to innovate in a way that our core materials are more application targeted and more effective than ever.

We have combined the latest cutting-edge composite technologies available, in order to provide our customers simply with the finest composite materials in the market.

With our wide range of End-Grain Balsa Wood and Foam Core Materials we can offer the right core material solution and finishing option for your lamination process.

Once you start working with our materials, you will never go back to your previous materials. We are changing the world not only with our amazing quality and customer service, but also by bringing true sustainability to the industry.

We are changing the world of composites

  • CoreLite Board
  • CoreLite PET
  • CoreLite PVC
BALSASUD Core: End Grain Balsa Core
End Grain Balsa Core

End Grain Balsa Core Advantages:

• Outstanding strength-to-weight ratios

• High chemical resistance (including styrene)

• Excellent bonding properties

• Sustainable and renewable resource

• Available in 3 densities: UL, SG and HW

• BALSASUD Core SG is approved by DNV GL and Lloyd's Register.

CoreLite Board
CoreLite PET
CoreLite PVC