This is how we do it

Our entire group is fully committed to guarantee only the best quality in the market, as this is the only way for us to provide our customers with a product that will enable them with more competitive advantage.

We are driven by innovation as we are certain that it marks a difference by allowing us to provide a remarkable product.

We promise service because by doing so we demonstrate our loyalty to our customers and our promise to deliver continuous product support from a solid and reliable manufacturer.

Our just-in-time practices guarantee rapid product delivery from our 3 factories: Dallas, Miami and Ecuador.

Our CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) practices ensure we deliver the very best quality in the industry with constant improvement. We pay close attention to small details.

CoreLite's Balsa Wood Core Processing - Ecuador and Dallas

The processing of raw balsa wood is carried out in our modern facility located in Ecuador. Our team carefully selects the raw material from balsa wood trees coming from our own plantations and approved independent suppliers. The multifaceted process to industrialize the raw balsa wood into structural balsa core is done with the latest technology equipments and is controlled by our experienced quality control team to ensure the finest quality.

Strict time to kiln-dry practices ensure that the wood enters the kilns as soon as possible.

Every single timber is measured and weighed to calculate the timber's density and then sorted according to its density. The end goal of this labor-intensive process is to deliver a more density-consistent final panel, that will avoid failure due to an inadequate-density zone within the panel.

This very important density classification step, combined with strict time to kiln-dry practices is what sets CoreLite's BALSASUD Core panels quality aside.

The result for our BALSASUD End-Grain Balsa Core materials:

  • Made only with the best balsa wood available
  • Kiln-Dried to perfection; straight from the plantations to the kilns
  • Possess the correct density and the correct moisture content
  • Remarkable high physical properties
  • Contain no gaps and no soft corks
  • Contain no water hearts, no decay stains, no fungus and no insect attacks
  • BALSASUD Core is approved by DNV GL and Lloyd's Register
  • The Balsasud S.A. facility in Ecuador is certified for Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC) Chain of Custody by the Rainforest Alliance to FSC standards'.

CoreLite's Foam Core Processing

The processing of our PVC Foam Core is done in our Miami, FL facility. Here, the personnel carefully manufactures the boards to customers requirements, following strict quality control procedures. These processes are done with state of the art equipment to ensure our unique quality.

The results for our CoreLite Board:

  • Made only with the best raw materials available
  • Extremely high physical properties (lighter but stronger than plywood)
  • Pure white board; no defects
  • Completely accurate design (when custom designed using CAD)
  • No skin itching when touching the material, which makes it pleasant to work with

We work very carefully to assure the satisfaction of our customers.

Perfection is found in the details.

All of our facilities have been designed to comply with our green and eco-friendly policies. We believe in taking care of the environment by recycling, using low amounts of energy, correctly disposing waste and using renewable resources in our manufacturing process.

We believe in a greener world.