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By: gdc-corelite | March 02, 2018

BALSASUD Core Coated
BALSASUD Core Coated

CoreLite will unveil the next-generation PC11 Pro coating system at the JEC World 2018 in Paris during March 6 to March 8. The PC11 Pro coating system was engineered to significantly reduce resin uptake during the lamination process by sealing the pores in the end-grain balsa wood sheet more effectively than the standard PC11 coating system.

Balsa core resin uptake was compared between the standard PC11 formulation, and the newly developed PC11 Pro formulation against non-coated balsa. The balsa core was coated using the latest UV technology and then vacuum infused. The results show as expected: the new PC11 Pro formulation achieves significantly lower resin uptake compared to the standard PC11 coating formulation.

A typical balsa sheet of no...

By: CoreLite Inc. | February 01, 2018

Balsa wood has been around in the composites industry for several decades. It is used in a variety of applications and industries, including wind turbine blades, boat building, rail, aerospace, automotive, as well as several other industrial applications.

With such a versatile material, what are the key features that make balsa wood the right choice of core material for a project?

1. Lightweight

The standard density of balsa is 9.5lbs/cuft. However, BALSASUD Core is also available in 3 other densities:

 • 6.5lb/cuft - Ultra Lite
  • 8.25lb/cuft - Wind Grade
  • 17.5lb/cuft - Heavy Weight

This provides users, with more choice to choose the right density according to their project's strength and weight requirements.


By: gdc-corelite | January 06, 2017

DNV GL Certification

CoreLite has received the distinguished DNV GL Type Approval Certification for its end-grain balsa wood: BALSASUD Core SG. CoreLite is one of the first balsa wood core suppliers to attain accreditation through the new combined DNV GL body. This designation indicates that CoreLite’s end-grain balsa wood is suitable for use as a core material in the manufacturing of sandwich-structured composites.

“DNV GL accreditation represents a major achievement for CoreLite and demonstrates the suitability of CoreLite’s end-grain balsa wood, as a core material for sandwich construction” said Ms. Elsa Axelsdottir, Innovation Manager at CoreLite.

Driven by the purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment, DNV GL enables organizations t...

By: gdc-corelite | December 12, 2016

CoreLite is very pleased to announce that its end-grain balsa wood core material, BALSASUD Core, has achieved the prestigious Lloyd's Register Certification.

This Type Approval certifies that BALSASUD Core meets certain quality standards and mechanical properties as a core material for FRP sandwich construction.

CoreLite's BALSASUD Core has the Certificate No. MATS/4830/1

Lloyd's Register is a global organization dedicated to research and education in science and engineering since 1760 with operations in 78 countries.

For more information about Lloyd's Register, visit www.lr.org

By: gdc-corelite | September 14, 2016

CoreLite Board Certificate of Material Excellence

CoreLite proudly announces that its CoreLite Board product has been awarded the distinguished Certificate of Material Excellence by Material ConneXion.

This certification recognizes that CoreLite Board was voted and accepted into Material ConneXion's permanent collection by a team of world-class material scientists and specialists as an innovative and creative solution in the world of design, product development, and all related fields.

Material ConneXion is the world's largest Materials Library, with seven full-service locations worldwide. The Materials Library is the largest collection of advanced, innovative and sustainable materials and processes in the world. The archive features more than 7,000 cutting-edge materials in eight distinct ...