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Innovation that helps you gain more competitive advantage.

The revolutionary technologies used in the manufacturing of our balsa & foam cores, kits and sandwich panels makes us the pioneering composite materials company.

This enables us to save you time and money.

CoreLite uses the latest technology to manufacture BALSASUD Core, CoreLite Board and CoreLite PET in a completely innovative and sustainable manner that helps our customers be more competitive and keep the planet plentiful.

The Balsasud S.A. facility in Ecuador is certified for Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC) Chain of Custody by the Rainforest Alliance to FSC standards'. The main purpose of this certification is to assure that our balsa wood processing facility meets a set of rigorous environmental and proper wood treatment criteria, as well as the use of wood from well managed forests.

CoreLite's sandwich panels are manufactured to meet all your technical requirements.

In order for us to better serve our customers, we use the latest CAD software. You can send us your designs we will accurately design your kits from balsa wood and foam cores.

Our information systems, enable us to keep track of every order, from the origin of the raw material to the customer. You can download The CoreLite App for iOS to stay informed and access all product Data Sheets.

We have the knowledge and experience to provide guidance to our customers on how to best use the products for their particular application and help them save time and money.

CoreLite provides full engineering support for core materials and core kits.

The overall outcome of working with CoreLite is translated into unique results and unique service for each customer. It is a wonderful experience.

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BALSASUD Core Labels

CoreLite information systems, produce labels with barcodes and QR codes that provide 100% traceability of the products.

For our balsa core products, traceability goes all the way back to the tree.