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Fulfilling the Promise of Customized Composite Technologies.

CoreLite was founded because of an idea - that innovative core materials will optimize the way everyone works with composites.

This idea drives everything we do at CoreLite, making us the leading composite core materials manufacturer.

Our target is to revolutionize the effectiveness of composite materials, making structures lighter, but stronger. We believe that combining advanced manufacturing techniques and processes, leads us to deliver our customers with customized core materials for their application. This enables the construction of advanced composite structures, with the best quality, less time, cost savings, more sustainability and customization options.

At CoreLite, we constantly work hard to bring innovation and continue to be the best at what we do, by working with integrity and dedication to each project.

Great part of CoreLite's success comes from the vast experience in the balsa wood and composites industry. This family held group, started in 1939 by supplying balsa wood for life vests and for the Mosquito airplane during World War II. Making history since 1939.

Our group is driven by innovation and commitment to our customers.

Being number 1 in quality is not enough for us, we like to go the extra mile and be pioneers in the development of new product applications that actually make a difference in the industries we serve. Working directly with customers in a holistic and hands-on approach, provides them all the support needed to achieve their objectives.

CoreLite makes Composite Evolution Possible.


To make structures stronger, lighter and more powerful. Delivering innovative balsa & foam core material solutions, engineered for performance, to the world. Enabling our customers with more competitive advantage.


We believe that perfection is found in the small details. Therefore, we focus on everyday excellence, to provide unique value to our customers by delivering the highest quality, sustainable core materials and customer service.

Core Values

At CoreLite, our top priority is to exceed our customers' expectations by creating unique value.

The corporate culture is to do our best in our daily work activities by doing everything with excellence.

Furthermore, we are committed to environmental stewardship as a core value. Working to conserve resources helps to keep the planet plentiful.

For this purpose, we recycle, reduce waste, and select sustainable resources whenever possible.

The working environment at CoreLite is like the one of a big family. It is fundamental that in our group everyone is treated with respect and provided with excellent working conditions.

For our suppliers, CoreLite works to create economic partnerships with local producers to ensure: fair trade pricing and excellent working conditions.